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With RDNA 2 in super thin laptops the Steam Deck isn’t your only mobile gaming option

It may sound a bit strange coming from a hardware nut that is more at home with a big ol’ desktop PC, but I’m stoked about the possibility of the integrated graphics in AMD’s new mobile CPUs. The Ryzen 6000 series will be hitting laptops shortly and will be making an appearance in all the usual gaming machines alongside Nvidia and AMD’s finest mobile graphics cards. And while they’ll quickly become the models of choice for serious gaming, it’s actually the prospect of ultra-thin and light machines that has me most excited.

Imagine a small 13-inch laptop that doesn’t have the room to keep a bulky GPU cool, but can handle the heat produced by one of AMD’s latest APUs. A machine that would normally make for a ropey experience with the integrated graphics of yore, but that can turn its hand to 1080p gaming at a reasonable frame rate. That’s the promise of AMD’s new RDNA 2-powered APUs. 


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