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Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra replacement S Pen?

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most interesting phone out of the S22 lineup mainly because it’s the first Galaxy S phone with an integrated S Pen, marking it as a successor to the Galaxy Note lineup. The Galaxy S21 Ultra from last year only had support for the stylus, but no place to store it. The new phone changes that with a slightly wider body to accommodate an S Pen. We suggest you check out our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review to know what we make of its design after using it for a couple of days.

While it’s fantastic that the Galaxy S22 Ultra now comes with a slot to store the S Pen, there’s no denying that it’s relatively easy to either lose or damage the stylus. Because, you know, life happens. Well, if you lose the S Pen or it gets damaged somehow, you’ll need to buy a replacement unit for your Galaxy S22 Ultra. There’s only so much that’s covered under warranty, so you may have to pay out of pocket if you need a replacement.

Black colored Galaxy S Pen Pro

Luckily, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen replacement pretty easily. You can either buy the simple replacement unit of the S Pen that was included with your Galaxy S22 Ultra or you can get the Samsung S Pen Pro that was announced alongside the last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra. The S Pen Pro is a bit pricier than the one that’s included with your phone but it can be used with all the S Pen compatible devices including Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and PCs. If you are a heavy S Pen user, you’d get better use out of the Pro, but it’s the regular replacement pen that will fit inside your phone.

The S Pen Pro is Bluetooth enabled and is rated for 16 days of battery life with 50 minutes of charge time. You can check out the links to purchase both S Pen variants below, so feel free to pick the one that works best for you. We’d recommend getting the integrated S Pen for the Galaxy S22 Ultra since otherwise you would be left with an empty silo, which would look rather odd.

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra replacement Pen Stylus
    If you lost or damaged the Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen included with the phone, you can buy this as a replacement unit.
    Samsung S Pen Pro Stylus
    The Galaxy S Pen Pro is a more advanced version of the accessory that’s included with your phone. This one works with all S Pen-compatible devices.

If you want to learn more about what the Galaxy S22 Ultra stylus can do, then be sure to check out our write-up detailing the S Pen features. Also, don’t forget to stop by a couple of our other pages including the Galaxy S22 Ultra deals, best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, and screen protectors if you’re looking to either buy this phone or the accessories to protect it.


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