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What To Know Ahead Of The Winter Weather Expected In Canton

CANTON, GA — With colder temperatures in the forecast for this weekend, residents in Canton may want to keep the hot cocoa and thick blankets on standby.

In a message posted to Facebook, city officials said they are closely monitoring the weather and preparing accordingly.

“The forecast is un-brrr-lievable! Inclement winter weather is expected to be here late Saturday evening and continue through Monday,” the city posted. The City of Canton’s Public Works team has prepared for the predicted ice and snow by spreading salt brine on every major thoroughfare hill and bridge in the City.”

“They will have teams on call this weekend to assist County Fire and Canton Police Department, GA with any emergencies for clearing roads on major routes through the City,” it continued. “Any weather-related updates for the City of Canton, including trees down, power outages, and extended weather advisories, will be communicated on the City’s social media outlets. Stay safe, stay inside, and stay warm!”

In the meantime, the Georgia Department of Transportation is sharing three things that Canton residents should know to be better prepared before this weekend’s winter storm hits the northern half of the state:

1. What’s happening? A winter storm system is moving into north Georgia and is anticipated to begin Saturday evening and last through late Sunday night. Effects could range from rain, freezing rain, or snow, but based on forecasts from the National Weather Service the department is anticipating a substantial icing event east of I-75 and north of I-20.

2. What should you do? Begin preparing now to stay home if you can. Be sure to have essential groceries on hand and gas in your vehicle, but plan to avoid all non-essential travel in affected areas during the storm.

3. What is GDOT doing? Georgia DOT said its constantly evolving to how it responds to winter weather events and the treatment plans it utilizes.

“Each storm is unique and our treatment and response has to be specifically tailored to that weather system,” the agency said. “The department has been monitoring this weather system and coordinating with our partners at the National Weather Service and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to determine how we will use our plan to address this system. Our plan includes brine routes run all day Friday, and plow teams activating Saturday through the end of the storm.”


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