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Thursday, March 23, 2023

What did you think of Street Fighter 6’s reveal and art style?

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Thousands upon thousands of fighting game fans across the world tuned in last night to see the grand unveiling of Street Fighter 6, and it didn’t disappoint — or did it?

We’d like to take a moment and ask you all what you thought about our first and brief glimpse at the next generation of Street Fighter.

Since it’s already sparked a lot of debate, our latest poll has been split in 2 for opinions regarding SF6’s new graphical / art style as well as what was shown in the teaser as a whole.

Personally, I was of course hoping to see a bit more after all that build up, but what was shown still looked cool and interesting for the most part.

For the graphics, I probably would have preferred moving the pendulum back towards the more anime aesthetic although the fidelity there was so high I instantly came around to it.

Let us know how you feel about Street Fighter 6’s teaser in the polls below.


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