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Vow of the Disciple raid guide – Destiny 2

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A complete walkthrough and guide for the Vow of the Disciple raid from The Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2.

Vow of the Disciple is the raid that came with Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. This guide will cover the raid from every angle, including Power requirements, loadout recommendations, essential classes and subclasses, secret chests, and more. This guide will be built from the ground up at the launch of Vow of the Disciple on March 5, 2022, and will be updated frequently until it’s complete and covers every inch of the experience.

Last updated: March 5, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. EST. We will be collecting information from around the internet and adding it to this guide, then filling it out with our own information as our team completes each encounter.

Vow of the Disciple Contest Mode / World First

Contest mode in Vow of the Disciple will last from 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST on Saturday, March 5, 2022, until 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST on Sunday, March 6, 2022. This is a period of 24 hours where normal rules of the Destiny 2 raid will not apply. Players will see their Power limits capped at 20 points below the recommended Power for each encounter. This means if an encounter carries a recommended Power of 1350, players will be capped at 1330. This is done to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field, and that those with additional time to play can’t increase their Power leading up to the raid to give themselves an advantage.

World First applies to the six-person team that completes the Vow of the Disciple, loots the final chest, and returns to Orbit. Bungie detailed some of the unique parameters around Vow of the Disciple and World First completion, so check it out in the March 3, 2022, TWAB.

Vow of the Disciple raid preparation

Guardians should consider the following preparations if they want to attempt Vow of the Disciple during Contest Mode:

  • Reach at least 1350 Power prior to starting
  • Ensure you have ample Upgrade Modules for infusion
  • Ensure you have ample infusion materials
  • Have DIM ready to quickly move gear back and forth
  • Have a six-person team ready to go, and backup player
  • Food and water at the ready in case you decide to go the full 24 hours
  • Study the list of disabled Mods and gear from TWAB

First encounter: Apporach, Children

When you fly in, you’ll be met with a Projection of Savathûn. Kill the projection and any enemies around it. Once the projection is down, the main gate will open, and you can hop on your sparrow and move forward. Soon you’ll be met with more enemies and a barge that you need to move forward through the world. This is also where you’ll get your first debuff called Pervading Darkness. This will stack up over time, causing your screen to go black, and it will kill you if you get Pervading Darkness x 10. To remove the Pervading Darkness debuff, you must go stand near the barge and it will slowly reverse.

You’re going to be moving that barge by depositing a Knowledge buff that drops from Knowledge Bearer Abominations. The Pervading Darkness debuff is still in play here, as is this new Knowledge buff. This buff stacks, moving from Heightened Knowledge to Brimming Knowledge and then Overflowing Knowledge depending on how many stacks of it you collect from the ground when you kill Knowledge Bearer Abominations. Collect the Knowledge buff and deposit it into the barge to move it forward, all while you manage the Pervading Darkness debuff and clear Scorn enemies.

There is a secret chest in this area, but we are currently working out the details on how it can be obtained. It appears that Guardians will need to destroy three Cruxs that spawn during the escort, and that the secret chest will spawn in a building on the right side as you approach the pyramid.

You Search and Search and Search

This isn’t so much an encounter as a quick transition to the actual second encounter. Make your way through the pyramid until you reach the next area.

Second encounter: Truth. Symbolize. Is. Materialize. Everywhere.

Image credit

This encounter takes place in a location called Acquisition within Savathun’s Throne World. This encounter is a complex puzzle that will require tight callouts and teamwork. Our raid team is currently working through it, but the folks on the Raid Secrets subreddit have discovered the following:

Encounter three: Do Not Disrupt the Caretaker

This encounter takes place in the Collection part of Savathûn’s Throne World. There is a Cartaker boss that needs to be defeated to progress, but that of course comes with a few conditions. Our team is currently working through this fight, but here’s what we’ve gathered so far:

The Caretaker is going to attempt to reach the middle obelisk and interact with it. If this happens your team will wipe. To prevent this from happening you’ll need to stun the boss. To do this, have one Guardian shoot the boss in the head, which will open its back. At that point, shoot the boss in the back to stun it. You can and should also shoot the projectiles that the Caretaker spews out.

There is a room that two Guardians will need to enter, and to open the door to that room Cruxes need to be shot. Once those Guardians enter the room each of them should collect three of the six symbols as quickly as possible to get the Overflowing Knowledge buff. While this is happening, these Guardians will be getting the Pervading Darkness debuff. Once all six symbols are collected, these Guardians need to be let out of the room by the fireteam members on the outside shooting the Cruxes to open the door. The two Guardians just let out of the room must run to the obelisk and shoot the symbols they just collected as quickly as possible. Doing this will remove the Pervading Darkness debuff and trigger a damage (DPS) phase. If the symbols are not shot quickly enough the obelisk will reject your offering.

Once the DPS phase begins, the boss will spawn wells around the area. You must be standing in one of the wells to damage the boss. When a well expires, move to a different well and continue the DPS phase. Continue this until the DPS phase ends, at which point you’ll need to head up some stairs to the next phase of the encounter, which is simply a repeat of what you just did. Two more Guardians will need to enter a room, collect symbols, be let out, shoot the obelisk symbols, and then another damage phase will kick off.

This guide is in progress. We will be updating it frequently and cleaning up any areas where we don’t explain the mechanics clearly enough or make a mistake.

We’re actively working through the raid as it goes live, and updating this guide as we go. You can keep this page open and refresh it throughout the day and we’ll continuously fill it out with more content. You can also visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for everything else you need to accomplish as a Guardian.

Bill, who is also known as Rumpo, is a lifelong gamer and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He is known for his guide writing and, unsettlingly enough, enjoys grinding out in-depth collectible articles. Tweet him @RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his guides.


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