Vivo V23 series announced with dual selfie cameras and sleek design


Vivo today announces the V23 Pro and V23 5G at CES 2022, a pair of fashionable phones that come with intriguing selfie cameras. Yes, that’s an excuse enough for the large notches that grace the upper fronts of those two phones.

“At vivo, we continuously pursue the creation of mobile experiences that combine innovation, cutting-edge capabilities and elegance. The latest V23 series delivers a new era of camera performance for stunning quality selfies and portrait shots, while wrapped in an elegant design that is fashionable yet diverse with its unique color-changing surface,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo.

But before we get to the juicy part regarding the front cameras, let’s see what else is up with the Vivo 23 Pro and Vivo 5G.

Vivo V23 series design

The influence of the iPhone 12/13 design language has seeped to Vivo’s design language as well as the two new devices feature distinct flat frames. With a special so-called Fluorite AG coating that makes for a velvet-like, fingerprint-resistant glass surface at the rear and a curved display up front, the Vivo V23 series both take pride in their looks. And rightly so—they look quite sleek with their intriguing combination of rough, industrial design with posh looks.

The paintjobs are also noteworthy—both the V23 Pro and V23 5G feature color-changing exterior gradients that change hues depending on the light that hits the rear of the phones, or as Vivo puts it, capture “warm comforting hues to cool, sharp tones”.

As mentioned, both phones have large notches seeping into the displays in order to facilitate the dual front cameras, but other than that, the Vivo V23 Pro and Vivo V23 5G are both quite slim and elegant: both are about 7mm thin and weigh less than 180gr.

Vivo V23 series hardware

In terms of raw specs, both devices come with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chips and are available with either 8GB RAM/128GB storage or 12GB RAM/256GB storage. The displays are different on both, though: the Vivo V23 Pro comes with a 6.56-inch FHD+ HDR10-compliant AMOLED display that has a 90Hz refresh rate, while the regular Vivo V23 has a non-HDR 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate still.

Battery size is another area in which the two are slightly different: while both feature fast 44W charging, but the Vivo V23 Pro has a 4,300mAh battery, while the regular Vivo sports a smaller 4,200mAh battery. Charging at 44W will fully power up both phones in about 30 minutes, says Vivo.

Vivo V23 series camera

The intriguing part of the new Vivo V23 Pro and Vivo V23, as mentioned multiple times already, is their selfie cameras. Both phones have 50MP main selfie cameras with dual autofocus and a ultra-wide 8MP camera with a 105-degree field of view, as well as dedicated dual-tone spotlight flash. Opt-in beautification mode is available as part of the Natural Portrait feature of the selfie camera.

The ultra-wide camera can take Super Wide-Angle Night Portraits, while advanced AI algorithms are taking care of enhancing facial details. Another intriguing aspect of the Vivo V23 series is the 4K selfie video recording capabilites of the front cameras, allowing you to snap both 30 and 60fps 4K videos. Another photography-related feature that Vivo seemingly takes great pride in is Bokeh Flare, and as it name suggests, it allows for achieving just the amount of background blur that you desire.

When it comes to the rear cameras, Vivo has outfitted both phones with triple cameras, with the Vivo V23 Pro getting a higher-res 108MP main camera using the Samsung ISOCELL
HM2 sensor, while the regular Vivo V23 is graced with a 64MP unit. The camera sensor of the Vivo V23 Pro uses nona-cell binning to output 12MP photos and achieve much greater low-light sensitivity, which is also aided by Vivo’s Smart ISO feature.

The rest of the cameras—an 8MP super wide-angle and a 2MP super macro—are shared between both phones. The Vivo V23 Pro has a little else going for it to justify the “Pro” part of its name, though. It has Super Night Video and Ultra Stabilization features, which should improve your low-light videos and improve video smoothness, respectively.

Vivo V23 series price and release date

Vivo is yet to divulge any specific pricing information about the Vivo V23 series and specifies that pricing will vary by market. Speaking of markets, the two new phones are coming to more than 50 markets across the globe, including but not limited to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and more across APAC, the Middle East, and Europe over the next few months. Availability and market release is also subject to further clarification by Vivo.