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Vitor Belfort throws support behind FreeSpace

FRISCO, TEXAS – Former UFC lite Heavyweight Champion Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, known for his face-smashing knockout power, is throwing his support behind social media newcomer, FreeSpace. 

Vitor is preparing for his highly anticipated confrontation this weekend against 4-time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Evander Holyfield, where he is expected to introduce FreeSpace as a new way to connect with friends and thrive at the same time.

“FreeSpace is the perfect bridge between fan and Pro Athlete,” explained Media Relations Director, Kylie Jean Tannehill. “Our unique features are geared to make it easy for influencers to share the daily actions their fans care about most.”

Belfort commented: “The Daily Action Tracker is a useful feature that makes it easier for me to share my daily routines, and easier for my fans to keep up with them.”

The young lifestyle social network has long been a supporter of Together 4 Them, a human trafficking charity founded by Vitor’s wife, Joana Prado Belfort. FreeSpace has also partnered with other human and child trafficking foundations, notably SHAREtogether. 

“The fight against Human Trafficking is very important to me,” explained Belfort, “which is why I prefer partners who share the sense of urgency that this cause demands.”

FreeSpace describes themselves as “a social platform that shapes positive culture”, something needed more than ever in turbulent and divided times. Thanks to support from notable giants like The Phenom, FreeSpace is now the new kid on the silicon block to watch.

For more information on FreeSpace and to get the app, visit freespacesocial.app

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