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Virginia Beach florists churning out Valentine’s Day bouquets despite ongoing shortage

Virginia Beach Florist has hundreds of orders to deliver by Monday, but it’s not too late to pick up a bouquet.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Today may be Super Bowl Sunday, but there’s another big day is coming up!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and at Virginia Beach Florist, it’s all hands on deck. 

Head of Operations Jacob Ortenzio said the work started early and florists are working fast.

“Three to four (bouquets) in about 30 minutes,” Ortenzio said. “We started probably about 6 o’clock.”

Ortenzio said last minute requests and hundreds of orders means Monday is gearing up to be one of their busiest days. 

“Monday’s the big day; We’re shooting for around 500 (bouquets),” Ortenzio said. “Normally the days leading up will be about just as busy as Valentine’s Day, but today we noticed a lot of the volume being pushed to Valentine’s Day.” 

But there’s a common problem florists everywhere are dealing with: an ongoing flower shortage. There are a few reasons behind this, ranging from pandemic related supply chain issues to labor shortages. 

“It’s just been hard getting anything really,” Ortenzio said. “Red roses we had to pre-order months in advance. Some of the stuff we couldn’t even get. We ordered it and we still couldn’t get it. So it’s definitely been tough.”

But despite the challenges, the demand for flowers this year hasn’t slowed down.  

“We’re really trying to pump them out,” Ortenzio said. “It might be a little limited, but we’re still here and we are ready for the walk-ins.”

For those last minute people out there, Ortenzio said they still have flowers available for you to impress that special someone. 

Though options might be limited, it’s not too late to buy a bouquet if you haven’t already.

He said depending on what his team accomplishes today, they could work as late as 10 p.m. assembling fresh bouquets. 

You can visit the store in person at 5266 Princess Anne Rd Suite C in Virginia Beach, give them a call at (757) 428-1481, or place an order and browse bouquets on their website virginiabeachfloristinc.com.


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