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USA finance and payments live updates: mortgage rates, Bitcoin prices, S.S. disability, unemployment benefits…

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Headlines: 28 June 2022

Bitcoin is on course for a historic low monthly close, below its 200-week moving average

– Stock market suffered losses on Monday: Dow Jones (-60 points), S&P 500 (-0.3%) and Nasdaq (-0.7%)

– EU considers total shutdown of Russian gas pipelines to Europe, which could affect global prices

Average US gas price just under $4.90 on Tuesdaywhere in the country is it most expensive?

– Companies like Netflix, Meta, Apple and Nike to offer travel expenses for employees’ abortion costs

– Gasoline prices remain high ahead of 4th July weekend of heavy travel

– White House urges Congress to pass a three-month federal gas tax holiday

– Energy expert warns of “apocalyptic” gas prices if hurricane season affects US oil refineries

– Biden administration agrees to cancel $6bn in studen loan debt for 200,000 borrowers

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