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Trevor Lawrence responds to tweet of him losing money 

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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was selected first-overall in the 2020 draft and received a $24 million signing bonus as part of being drafted number one overall.


Barstool Sports, reported that Lawrence’s $24 million signing bonus, allegedly taken in crypto, was now worth just $9 million. That is a staggering $15 million loss and the Jaguars QB responded by calling them out and correcting them.

He Tweeted:

“Did y’all confuse my @FTX_Official signing bonus with my @NFL one? Carry on…”

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy responded to the quarterback’s tweet, blaming it on a “kinda dumb” writer.

Portnoy Tweeted:

“To our defense @Trevorlawrencee the guy who wrote this is kinda dumb.”

Last April, the former Clemson Tiger signed a sponsorship with Blackfolio, which has now become FTX. In the press release, it was announced the deal was “the first endorsement deal ever in which a significant signing bonus has been paid entirely in cryptocurrency.”

Joe Pompilano Tweeted that Barstool’s Tweet was inaccurate and broke down the money he lost.

Pompilano Tweeted:

“That tweet is inaccurate — Trevor Lawrence signed an endorsement deal with a crypto app called Blockfolio.

And he accepted his signing bonus (on the deal) exclusively in crypto….but everyone is reporting it like he received his actual NFL signing bonus in crypto.”

He added:

“No — the deal with Blockfolio was probably low seven figures, and a small “signing bonus” was paid in crypto.

People are getting confused because they called his initial payment a “signing bonus” & somewhere along the way it seems people thought that meant his NFL signing bonus.”

While the whole contract and signing bonus situation is a bit tricky, it’s important to get all the facts correct. Before making a report, on a false amount of money an athlete lost.

Trevor Lawrence is looking for a strong sophomore outting

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

The quarterback was drafted first overall last year by the Jaguars. While the Jaguars weren’t in the best situation to win, especially with Urban Meyer as head coach, Lawrence didn’t have an amazing season. He finished the season 3-14 as a starter, led the league with 17 interceptions, and threw only 12 touchdowns. He added 3,641 passing yards and had 334 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns.


Jacksonville will have a new head coach in Super-Bowl-winning Doug Pederson. The Jaguars have added many free agents such as Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, Evan Engram, and Brandon Scherff to the offensive side to help the QB progress.


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