This OnePlus 10 Pro Concept Is Based On Leaks, And Looks Quite Nice


The OnePlus 10 Pro surfaced in CAD-based renders not long ago. Well, this new concept design basically shows that OnePlus 10 Pro handset, but in a video format.

This OnePlus 10 Pro concept is somewhat realistic

This video comes from Waqar Khan, a well-known smartphone concept designer. You can check out the video below the article, as it has been embedded. There’s also a gallery with some images below as well.

The designer created this handset in four different color options (made up ones, of course). If you take a look at the provided materials, you’ll see the device in silver, purple, green, and black colors. All of them look quite nice here, to say the least.

Now, something you’ll easily notice is the design of the rear cameras here. The phone’s rear camera housing protrudes from the frame, similar to what we’ve seen on the Galaxy S21 series. It’s easy to say that OnePlus got inspired by Samsung here, as Samsung is the only company that utilized such a design, at least recently.

Now, there are three cameras located on the back, and there’s also Hasselblad branding on the camera housing. OnePlus’ logo is present on the back, while the phone’s display is curved, as is the device’s back side.

The phone includes a display camera hole

A display camera hole sits in the top-left corner, while the bezels are quite thin here. Some people expected OnePlus to utilize an under-display camera in the OnePlus 10 Pro, but that won’t happen, it seems.

The power/lock button sits on the right-hand side of this phone, along with an alert slider. The volume up and down buttons are located on the left side of the device.

The OnePlus 10 Pro may launch as soon as January, alongside its sibling, the OnePlus 10. We’re not sure if the global launch will come in January, but the latest rumors have been saying it will.

In fact, OnePlus may announce the OnePlus 10 series as part of CES, which would be a first for the company. It would also mean that the launch will occur a lot sooner than expected. OnePlus usually announces its flagship smartphones in March or April.