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These are the UK’s best jobs for 2022

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Ponding a job change? (Picture: Getty Images)

Want a great job that pays you a decent amount of money and delivers on the general happiness scale?

You might want to go into tech.

That’s according to Glassdoor’s research, anyway, which today has declared the UK’s best jobs for 2022.

It’s tough to define the ‘best’ job – what’s great for one person will be mind-numbingly dull for someone else.

So please do take this as more of a generic ranking rather than a sign to quit an industry that you absolutely love for one that you might end up despising.

Glassdoor’s list is based off their overall job score, which is determined by weighing up three factors equally: earning potential (so the median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating, and the number of job openings (so you don’t dream of a role that never has any jobs going).

The scale goes from one to five, with five being the absolute best, and for a title to be considered, it has to receive at least 30 salary reports and at least 30 job satisfaction ratings shared by UK-based employees over the past year.

Under those metrics, then, the best job this year is – drum roll, please – Java developer.

Tech and STEM jobs dominate the rankings (Picture: Getty Images)

Some fast facts on this gig: it scored a 4.6 on the Glassdoor scale, offers a £55,381 median base salary, has a rating of 4.1 for job satisfaction, and there are currently 1,567 openings.

If you’re wondering what a Java developer actually is, it’s basically someone who designs, develops, and manages any applications that use Java – and there are a whole bunch. You’d need good tech knowledge for this.

That tech knowhow is a common theme among the top jobs for the year.

Glassdoor’s top 25 UK jobs for 2022

The job title, its median base salary, its job satisfaction rating, and its overall job score:

  1. Java developer: £55,381, 4.1, 4.6
  2. Enterprise architect: £73,898, 4.1, 4.59
  3. Product manager: £60,656, 4.1, 4.58
  4. Full stack engineer: £47,320, 4.3, 4.55
  5. Data scientist: £49,449, 4.2, 4.54
  6. HR manager: £48,443, 4.4, 4.53
  7. Corporate recruiter: £46,215, 4.6, 4.52
  8. HR business partner: £50,000, 4.3, 4.49
  9. Front end engineer: £43,803, 4.2, 4.48
  10. Marketing manager: £47,320, 4.2, 4.48
  11. UX designer: £46,382, 4.3, 4.47
  12. Mobile engineer: £51,443, 4.1, 4.47
  13. Sales manager: £47,320, 4.0, 4.44
  14. Operations manager: £47,320, 4.0, 4.41
  15. Data engineer: £50,198, 4.0, 4.41
  16. Devops engineer: £53,888, 4.0, 4.41
  17. Software engineer: £50,060, 3.9, 4.39
  18. Business development manager: £47,320, 4.0, 4.38
  19. Cloud engineer: £60,430, 4.0, 4.35
  20. Customer success manager: £41,133, 4.2, 4.29
  21. Programme manager: £60,554, 3.9, 4.29
  22. Finance manager: £57, 514, 3.9, 4.25
  23. Delivery manager: £53,892, 3.9, 4.21
  24. Consultant: £46,215, 3.9, 4.21
  25. Procurement agent: £46,860, 4.0, 4.18

STEM and tech roles absolutely dominate the list, with 11 of the top 25 jobs in that field.

Other popular areas include business support, HR, and sales.

If you’re more bothered about the money, you should look into becoming an enterprise architect, which at £73,898 is the highest paid best job on the list.

If job satisfaction is key, however, try working as a corporate recruiter – that gets a 4.6 for this factor.

And if the biggest number of openings is most important to you, pursue becoming a software developer – that’s the most in-demand role with 3,599 job openings.

It’s also worth noting that all of the roles on the list offer high levels of flexible and remote working, emphasising just how important this continues to be in our future post-Covid world.

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