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Monday, March 27, 2023

Texas abortion law will backfire on GOP | Letters

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Republicans, watch out what you wish for. You got your law outlawing abortion in Texas after six weeks of pregnancy. This law encourages anyone in the country to sue anyone — even an Uber driver who takes a woman to a clinic — who helps a woman get an abortion. Whoever files a successful suit will get a minimum of $10,000.

Well, now come the consequences. Middle and upper class women will still get abortions. They’ll just book a plane ticket for a “pro-choice” state and have a little “holiday.” Poor women won’t be able to do that. Many of them are women of color. Also, immigrants’ babies born on U.S. soil are U.S. citizens.Texas Republicans have just guaranteed that their feared “majority minority” state will occur even faster.

And, regardless of Texas’ low taxes, housing, food, medicine, clothes and child care cost money. The yearly cost to raise a child in there is estimated at upwards of $10,000. Will Texans happily pay this amount, plus nearly another $10,000 per year per pupil in taxes for public school?

Maybe to reduce the burden on taxpayers, every baby born in Texas should get a paternity test, so that men responsible for the pregnancy would automatically have their wages garnished to help raise the child. Of course, any man found to have committed incest or rape would be arrested.

Now we get to see how this law plays out. Tragically, I fear many many women, children and families will suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation before Texans realize the headstrong foolishness of their Republican legislature and governor.

Carol Simon Levin, Bedminster

Texas law has got to go

The U.S. Supreme Court has acted unethically by not blocking the new Texas law on abortion. This was done at first covertly, with no discussion. It makes me fear for our country. It makes me disgusted.

Whether or not you support the right to abortion, this was an evil and craven way to discourage the practice. The Texas law even creates an frightful incentive through a $10,000 bounty for any person who turns in any fellow citizen who helps someone get an abortion after six weeks. At that point, many people do not even know for sure that they are pregnant.

The actual recipient of the abortion is not a target of these potential lawsuits. This is intended to prevent the State of Texas itself from being sued.

There are better ways to discourage abortion, such as better funding and access for birth control advice and devices, and better education.

Abortion can be reduced, but it will never go away entirely. It has been used through recorded history.

This horrific ruling must be questioned and reversed. It is a stain on human decency.

Anne DeSola Paust, Succasunna


Completely behind Murphy reelection

We, the voters in New Jersey, are facing a most important and crucial general election. I stand completely behind Gov. Phil Murphy.

Our governor, who was subject to a medical procedure in early March, 2020, in lieu of observing a recovery period, moved right into action during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some, but not all, of Murphy’s accomplishments in the areas of human and social services: elevation of the minimum wage; tuition coverage for community college; concern for the climate; sensible gun-control measures; protection of women and minorities in the workplace; new taxes for those earning over $1 million a year, efforts toward universal pre-K education, and food assistance for college students. First Lady Tammy Murphy spearheads Nurture NJ to assist with health for mothers and babies.

Please join our fellow residents who will march to the poling places Nov. 2, side by side and shoulder to shoulder, to reelect Gov. Murphy.

Robert B. Knapp, Jersey City

Ida’s most damaging wind is green

People have died. Homes have been destroyed. Never ones to let a crisis go to waste, Democrats are using Hurricane Ida to push their disastrous Green New Deal.

President Joe Biden is trying to change the narrative from the Afghanistan withdrawal that cost American and Afghan lives, to the damage from the storm. It won’t work.

Biden is — and will be held — accountable. Spending trillions on a wasteful climate-change agenda is supposed to stop hurricanes and tropical storms from causing damage. Drive an electric car, send storms packing?

Walter Goldeski, East Brunswick

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