Testament: The Order of High Human, a First-Person Metroidvania, Announced for PC and Consoles


Developer Fairyship Games has announced a new PC and console game called Testament: The Order of High Human, an upcoming first-person Metroidvania action-adventure/RPG set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. It has no announced release window as of yet.

Players suit up as the guardian of the realm, a man named Aran, who is also the king of High humans in the land of Tessara. A betrayal by his brother Arva has left Aran stripped of his powers and the land plagued by monsters. Check out the debut trailer for Testament above, and the first screenshots in the gallery below.

Testament promises to offer 15 unique magic abilities, a bow with four different types of arrows, an XP and upgrade system, sword combat, 15 different potions with varying effects, 40+ quests between sidequests and the main story, a non-linear narrative, and more.

You can wishlist Testament on Steam if you’re interested.

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