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Talk of the County reader opinion: Biden ‘is a coward and an embarrassment to our country’

I agree with the guy in the Talk of the County who said that Pritzker’s done more for the state than most of all the governors in the past. I’m not really a Democrat, but the man is doing his job. He is trying to bring us out of debt. He’s been great during this pandemic. You know, he has to fight all these idiots that want to protest against wearing masks and shots. That’s their stupidity, but we’ve gone through the polio, and all this other stuff, and had to have this stuff done. When I was younger, everybody got the polio shot. It was just like they ran you through a line to help protect you. But why people don’t get the shot, and they want to fight the masking and saving people’s lives, it’s unbelievable. I don’t understand it.


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