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Taliban lashes 14 people in Afghanistan football stadium for adultery, robbery

Fourteen people have been lashed in a football stadium in eastern Afghanistan, according to the Taliban-led Supreme Court.

It was the second confirmation of lashings by the Taliban this month, signalling a possible return to practices common with its hardline rule in the 1990s.

“Fourteen people, including three women were lashed in the presence of scholars, authorities and people … for different sins including adultery, robbery and other forms of corruption in a football stadium in Logar [province],” the Taliban-led Supreme Court said on Twitter, adding two other people had also been lashed in eastern Laghman province.

The Taliban’s supreme spiritual leader met judges this month and said they should carry out punishments consistent with sharia law, according to a court statement.

Other countries have been scrutinising the Taliban’s track record on human rights and women’s rights since the group took over in August 2021 after a two-decade insurgency.


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