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Stalker 2 jumps on the NFT bandwagon, will make 3 players ‘metahuman’ NPCs, whatever that is

Stalker is a game about desperately scrounging through the shattered remains of a ruined world in search of elusive, ethereal artifacts that can be sold to sketchy traders for a quick buck. In that context, I guess it makes sense that Stalker 2, coming in April next year, will incorporate NFTs that enable players to “own” unique items in the game, or even become an NPC.

Starting later this month, players will be able to register for “item drops” that will begin in January 2022—not a drop in the usual videogame sense but an online auction. Among the NFT items up for grabs will be what GSC Game World describes as “the first-ever metahuman,” which sounds cool but is in fact just an NPC with the owner’s face scanned onto it. Echoes of Tyler Wilde as the world’s worst basketball player, I suppose, except you won’t actually be able to play the game as this character: Instead, it will appear as “a bartender, a comrade, or an enemy… there for everyone to see.”


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