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SpaceX Starship event: Elon Musk talks Mars missions and more in megarocket update


Musk is going through some extremely (extremely) ambitious goals for Starship right now without putting any kind of timeline on things. 

“Our goal is to be making at least one stack per month, and then ultimately, potentially, a ship every three days,” he says. “There’ll be more ships than our boosters because the booster actually, even though it’s gigantic, will come back in about six minutes.”

In the graph above, you can see how much mass you can take to space if 10 starships are launching three times a day!

That’s a truly insane amount of launches and this is really dreaming stuff but it’s all in service of building a colony on Mars that Starship would be able to service. 

“If the ships from Earth stop coming for any reason, the city will die out.”

CNET Highlights also has a great cut of the plans here:


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