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Sony Now Lets You Line Up To Buy PS5s Directly From Them

A PlayStation 5 looms ahead of a PS5 controller and PS5 box.

Photo: charnsitr (Shutterstock)

The story of the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been about killer next-gen games or technological benchmarks, but about how, in the 11 months since it was released, it’s been maddeningly difficult to buy one. For some, that might be about to get a bit less difficult. Today, Sony put up a website that allows you to put your name in a hat for a PS5 restock next month.

There are some ground rules. First, you’ll need to have an account with PlayStation Network (PSN). That’s Sony’s online membership that allows you to buy games and such from the PlayStation Store, as well as sign up for services like PS Plus and PS Now. Also, though it’s technically open to folks living abroad, you can only get consoles shipped to an address in the United States. And you’re limited to just one console (either the $499 standard edition with a disc drive or the $399 model without) per PSN account.

To take part, first sign into your PSN account. You’ll then have to knock out one of those silly little internet verification puzzles. Then, click the “sign up” button. That’s it! You’re signed up.

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Note that this doesn’t guarantee you a slot. According to Sony, selections are based on a mixture of available supply and decided by “previous interests and PlayStation activities,” which sounds a little sinister. If you’re chosen, Sony will send out an email to the address associated with your PSN account. It’ll include a time and date for when you’ll be able to log on and buy your console, along with an expiration time and date for when your invite closes. Confirmation emails will start rolling out early next month.

So, yeah, the chances are slim that it all works out in the end. But hey, clicking through an inane captcha check beats the heck out of lining up in the middle of the night outside of your local Best Buy.



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