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‘SNL’ Weekend Update agrees Biden era like FDR’s: stock market woes, threat of war in Europe

Saturday Night Live” took aim at President Biden over the Russia-Ukraine crisis in its Weekend Update segment this Saturday, joking that Democrats were right about his presidency resembling Franklin Roosevelt’s.

Just as in the early 1930s, “The stock market is plummeting and there’s a threat of a land war in Europe,” co-anchor Colin Jost observed.

Later, Jost said Biden’s assessment that a video call with European allies about the Russia-Ukraine crisis went “very, very, very well” concerned him, claiming people use a third “very” only when they’re trying to cover up something.

Co-anchor Michael Che also took a shot at liberals who have been clamoring for 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire so Biden can appoint a progressive successor. 


“Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update co-anchors Colin Jost, left, and Michael Che are seen Jan. 22, 2022.
(Getty Images)

“’We thank Justice Breyer for upholding the rights of every American,’ said liberals that have been tweeting ‘Retire, b—-!’ for the last year,” Che said. 

The comedian claimed he could sympathize with Breyer because he gets the same tweets “every Saturday night around this time.” 

Che then noted Biden had promised to nominate a Black woman in Breyer’s place. 

“But I hope it’s not because he wants to sniff a new type of hair,” he joked while showing a photo of Biden appearing to smell a White woman’s hair.

Bringing Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell into the mix, Che said that the Kentucky Republican had warned Biden not to outsource his Supreme Court choice to the “radical left,” which the comedian also jested was what McConnell takes while trying to run over stray dogs on the street. 

President Biden speaks during a meeting in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Jan. 24, 2022. 

President Biden speaks during a meeting in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Jan. 24, 2022. 
(Associated Press)

Che also mentioned Biden had told Pennsylvanians the federal government would help rebuild a bridge that collapsed on the day he visited Pittsburgh to talk about the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which passed in November. 

“While Republicans said the bridge should just lift itself up by its bootstraps,” he claimed. 


Jost noted that a recent report said that despite Americans’ feelings of financial insecurity, last year the U.S. economy grew at its fastest rate since Ronald Reagan’s presidency, joking that Biden had even adopted Reagan’s old catchphrase: “Where am I?”

The show’s cold open also featured cast member James Austin Johnson as Biden being briefed on how to counteract Russian disinformation on social media by a teenage mean girl. 


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