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Singapore deports Briton for defying mask rules | Taiwan News

Singapore’s iconic Merlion at night. (Flickr, Mendhak photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Singapore released a British man sentenced to six weeks in jail for not wearing a face mask on Thursday (Aug. 19), letting him go due to time served while awaiting trial, according to reports.

Benjamin Glynn, who had been convicted just the day before his release, will now be deported. The 40-year-old’s conviction was on four charges related to his refusal to wear a mask on a train in May and then again in court as well as for causing a public nuisance and threatening public servants, per CNN.

The Briton had acted as his own legal representation in court, pleading for the charges to be dropped so that he could return to his family. The judge described his request for an exemption to the rules as “completely misguided.”

Glynn had earlier been subjected to a psychiatric assessment due to his behavior in court and spent two weeks of his detention in a mental institution.

Singapore has during the last year and a half taken a particularly harsh approach to epidemic prevention, fining and jailing some people who have broken COVID rules and rescinding the work permits of others.


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