Samsung’s new SSD can potentially hit 13,000 MB/s transfer spee


(Pocket-lint) – Samsung has shown off a new enterprise SSD it’s releasing, with the catchy name PM1743. It’s designed to work in enterprise servers, but the exciting part is that it can potentially hit speeds of 13,000 MB/s.

That’s largely thanks to its use of PCIe 5.0 technology, the next big leap forward for solid state drives, and also allows it to hit up to 2,500K input/output operations per second (IOPS), a similarly impressive figure.

On top of that, the drive uses up to 30 percent less power than the last generation did, so it’s one of those little leaps forward that could end up looking pretty significant in a few years’ time, from an efficiency standpoint.

The improvements won’t stop coming, either, given that PCIe 6.0 is already very much under development, so the future looks bright in terms of rapid storage.

While these benefits are only in the enterprise field for now, they’ll trickle down and impact on consumer SSDs, both internal and external, soon enough, so you can start looking forward to even faster transfer times for your own files.

The PM1743 will become more widely available to businesses from the first quarter of 2022, in some chunky sizes that go up to a massive 15.36 terabytes.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on .