Time and time again, we’ve seen evidence that consumers care deeply about how long their device can last on a single charge. That’s never stopped smartphone manufacturers from prioritizing speed, displays, and a thin chassis above all else. Samsung’s entire Galaxy S21 series sports some pretty solid battery life, but that might not be the case for its upcoming Galaxy S22 lineup.

According to a new leak from Galaxy Club, the smaller S22 model is taking a severe reduction in battery capacity compared to the S21. While Samsung placed a battery rated at 3,880mAh into its smallest 2021 flagship phone — officially advertised at 4,000mAh — the S22’s battery is reportedly rated at 3,590mAh. That’s a significant decrease compared to this year, even if Samsung will likely advertise the phone with a 3,700mAh battery.

While it’s not quite as small as the Galaxy Z Flip3’s battery — rated at 3,300mAh — it wouldn’t surprise us to see a drop in daily screen-on time due to this change. Galaxy Club highlights plans to utilize the “Eco OLED” display technology first seen on the Z Fold3, which uses up to 25% less power compared to the company’s traditional AMOLED displays. Of course, whether that makes enough of a difference in day-to-day usage will likely remain a mystery until the phone hits the market next year.

Meanwhile, the S22+ and S22 Ultra aren’t seeing the same fate. While the S22+ will likely see a slight drop in capacity — down to 4,500mAh from 4,800mAh — it’s still a pretty sizable power source. The S22 Ultra, meanwhile, is reportedly keeping its 5,000mAh battery. Combined with yesterday’s rumored 45W charging, it seems like Samsung’s biggest device will be the one to buy if you’re at all concerned about multi-day usage.