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Samsung puts most of its eggs in the Galaxy S22 Ultra basket

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Samsung bets big on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, says the S22 will only account for 20% of the series sales

Despite that the Galaxy S22 is the cheapest model in Samsung’s 2022 S-series, the world’s largest phone maker is only planning for it to account for about 20% of their total sales this year, reports Digitimes

It has prepared component supply orders for at least 50% of the sales to come from the most expensive and capable Galaxy S22 Ultra, while the middle S22+ child would account for the remaining 30%. 

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This Galaxy S22 Ultra sales expectation breakdown comes from Samsung Taiwan’s VP Jacob Chen who also noted that the company expects double-digit shipments growth of its phone shipments this year. 
One of the reasons would be the expansion and maturing of the 5G carrier networks as Samsung’s sales will be buoyed by the downmarket introduction of many budget 5G phones across its huge portfolio.
As for tablets, the total shipment volume is expected to remain unchanged as the company expects more virtual meetings and remote work this year as well, but the average price tag of the tablets sold is forecast to increase. No wonder, given the newly introduced Galaxy Tab S8 series price tags, especially the price of the Galaxy S8 Ultra.


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