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Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra’s 45W charging is a lie

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Makimaki, 3 minutes agoHow do u know they used charger from Note ?They didn’t mention anywhere in the article which charger they used, so there’s some clarification needed.


  • Anonymous
  • 70d

Another lie exposed.


Mapantz, 12 minutes agoGSMarena, the mistake you’ve made here, is that you’ve used the original 45W charger… moreHow do u know they used charger from Note ?


  • Anonymous
  • JT5

Realist, 32 minutes agoI’m glad I canceled my preorder for the S22 Ultra. Everything that I read about it is jus… moreS22 Ultra has about 14,3% more battery than iphone max to power a larger screen (4.4%) that has 24,6% more pixels. It has more RAM, tons of unnecessary stuff that run in the background even when they should not (like own store, samsung pay etc) , less efficient CPU made with inferior fab process.

Obviously it would not last as much as the iphone.

Huge problem with android (I prefer android over iOS, but use both) is the fact it is always using more power for same tasks. It is bizarre that just by letting CPU-z open you see big cores being used.

Cores like A75, A76, A77, A78, X1 and X2 should only work when it is really necessary. Heavy tasks.


  • blablameh
  • 8r$

Willywonka, 15 minutes agoAre you saying then that their official 45W charging brick doesn’t come with a compatible… morethe new 45W charger comes with compatible cable, the old charger does not. if you want to use the 45W charging you have to buy the new version of 45W charger (= pay another 50 USD/EUR)


GSMarena, the mistake you’ve made here, is that you’ve used the original 45W charger from the Note charging speed fiasco. There’s a newer 45W charger dropping that doesn’t have this problem – you failed to mention that important bit of information.


Samsung became a greedy in the race to cheat the customers even without charger in the box, w/o headphones and wrong info about 45w fast charging


blablameh, 52 minutes agoSamsungs 45W charging is not a lie, but you need to test it with the new Samsung 45W charger w… moreAre you saying then that their official 45W charging brick doesn’t come with a compatible cable?

Then that’s even worse.


George399, 51 minutes agoEven a battery with 15w charge speed will lose around 20% in 800 cycles. I mean, do you even r… moreI like your comments!


Is it a marketing mislead or the upgrade with the 45W charger just ain’t beneficial against the 25W with price and effectiveness?


  • Anonymous
  • JT5

George399, 54 minutes agoBtw, with this oven called snapdragon 8 Gen 1 the battery will suffer anyway. But is not becau… moreI only had to change battery after 4 years.

Phone powered by SD810.

Current CPUs are no near the heat 810 could produce at full power. Easily 60 celsius while using browser.

Do not use cpu as excuse to hide the fact faster chemical reactions damage lithium batteries.

** To those that call 888/888+/8G1/E2100/E2200 oven , volcano, supernova etc…

None of the phones powered by these chips have to have cores disabled permanently like 810. This was what had to be done, disable 2 or all 4 cores A57.

No phone in 2015 had 120Hz, large cameras, 100W charging like current ones.


i’m shocked!!… well, not that shocked.


Well, it is really sad seeing a company like Samsung to fool their customers!


  • Anonymous
  • JT5

George399, 56 minutes agoThere a lot of ignorant people thinking charging speed will kill battery life. Let me guess, b… moreQualcomm phone uses single cell at 65W.

It charges cooler than Opplusme phones that have dual cell + 65W.

None of the chinese phones with 65W ever charge below 44 degrees.

Explain us. Also the video that show xiaomi 12 pro near 60 degrees celsius.

Xiaomi promises “only” 10% loss per year. 10% is too much. Losing 200-300mAh after 12 months is already obscene. Let alone 450-500.

On sunday people here say: – More updates are mandatory, people now keep phones longer like 3-4 years.

On monday same people here say : – I do not care if fast charging kills battery, most do not keep phone more than 2 years anyway.

On tuesday same people again here say: – The CPUs makers need to keep bringing more powerful chips and phone makers more RAM to make phones future proof.

On wednesday smae people come again and say: – Do not buy phon from this brand, there is no trade-in , so you can get good discount to change phone every year while paying no more than half its price.


  • Realist
  • 0HW

I’m glad I canceled my preorder for the S22 Ultra. Everything that I read about it is just disappointing. It has worse battery life and performance than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which also happens to costs less than this turd!!! My hopes of jumping back to Android is becoming impossible.


romanson, 55 minutes agoNobody loved samusng as I did.
Everything about samsung is a LIE exept one.
They do have a b… more
Yeah my brain is wahsed and your is tip top Tommy , am just not sure about the color 🙂 – Snatch 🙂


One hour full charge is great for 2022, still.


thefulltruth, 40 minutes agoyou should be called Georgeta69You mad? Talk to the hand 🖐️


George399, 45 minutes agoYou should be called thefullfake, lolyou should be called Georgeta69


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