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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Rumour: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Could Still Be a Long Way Off

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It goes without saying that we’ve been waiting on Dreadwolf for a long time. It’s supposed to have been in development for around eight years now, and we’re yet to actually see anything outside of teaser trailers and concept art. It’s becoming increasingly clear that things haven’t quite gone to plan behind the scenes.

But as is always the case, we’d rather BioWare take its time to make a memorable Dragon Age game instead of rushing a half-baked product. With any luck, we’ll hear more about Dreadwolf this year, as the studio surely starts pulling things together.

Insider Gaming goes on to report that the game is more like a “hack n’ slash” action title in terms of combat, which is sure to raise a few eyebrows. Apparently, party members can’t be controlled — similar to Mass Effect? — and you access different locations from a central hub area. To be fair, though, that last point sounds like most modern BioWare games anyway.

When do you think Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will eventually release? Tell Solas to take his time in the comments section below.

[source insider-gaming.com]


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