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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Rep. Sean Casten defeats Marie Newman in Dem. District 6 race

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Democratic Rep. Sean Casten is projected to defeat Marie Newman for the state’s 6th Congressional District, a blue-leaning seat.

Casten flipped a suburban seat in 2018 that Republicans held for decades.

“To the voters—since 2018, you have given me a tremendous amount of trust to represent your values in Congress. For this, I am forever grateful, and you can expect more town halls and accessibility from my office,” Casten said in a statement.

Newman is a progressive first elected in 2020, when she defeated longtime Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of Congress’ last anti-abortion Democrats. She faces an ongoing House Ethics Committee investigation over whether she promised federal employment to a political opponent.

WATCH: Marie Newman concedes race for state’s 6th Congressional District

On the Republican side, six candidates faced off.


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