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Readers respond: Preserve abortion rights

Texas’s newest abortion ban contains quite an extraordinary enforcement provision: a “sue thy neighbor” clause that encourages private citizens to sue anyone who helps another person get an abortion. You might not think this will affect abortion access here in Oregon. But what happens in Texas affects all of us; Texans may be forced to travel here for care. And with the Supreme Court about to consider a case that could gut Roe v. Wade, Oregon must continue to ensure that abortion is accessible — for our residents and for the people who will look to our state for the care they need.

Oregonians – like three-quarters of Americans ­­– want abortion to remain safe and legal. Yet for too many, abortion is out of reach and still a right in name only. And a right in name only isn’t fair. Without policies like 2017′s Reproductive Health Equity Act, Black and Latinx communities, immigrants and people with low incomes will continue to struggle to access abortion. We all deserve to make the health decisions that are best for ourselves and our families, in private and without fear. We cannot go the way of Texas. We must continue to reject any and all abortions bans in our state.

Gina Megson, Happy Valley


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