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PS5 update fixes one of the console’s stupidest problems

It’s been more than eight months since Sony launched the PlayStation 5. In that time, there have been a few system software updates, but they have all been relatively minor. This week, the first major update is finally rolling out to beta testers. Without a doubt, the most noteworthy feature of the update is support for M.2 SSD devices. It wasn’t possible to expand the console’s SSD storage at launch. But as of this update, it will be possible to insert M.2 SSD drives into the PS5’s expansion slot. Of course, that isn’t the only highlight of the update, as beta testers have found.

Video game controllers are now so advanced that they need software updates of their own. The PS5’s DualSense is no exception. The issue is that the only time your PS5 gives you a chance to update your controllers is when you boot up your console. Sometimes, you might accidentally cancel the prompt when it appears. If you do, you will have to wait another 24 hours for it to reappear. It’s a bizarre system.

Thankfully, as The Verge reports, Sony appears to have ameliorated this situation in the update. In the beta 2.0 software, there is a new way to update the DualSense controller. If you navigate to Settings > Accessories > Controllers, you should see a new option called Wireless Controller Device Software. It will tell you what version of the software your controller is currently running and will allow you to initiate an update if one is available. The prompts will continue to appear as well.

Everything else in the PS5 beta 2.0 update

The PS5 interface still needs plenty of work, but the controller update setting is a good start. Another useful feature in beta 2.0 is the ability to rearrange the controls at the bottom of the screen in the control center. For whatever reason, Sony decided to make it more difficult to access the power controls on the PS5, but this should eliminate at least one of the extra steps.

Other new features include the option to turn on 3D audio for your TV speakers, separate icons for PS5 and PS4 versions of games, a trophy tracker that allows you to track up to five trophies per game, and improvements to the Library menu that should make it easier to navigate.

Sony’s PS5 beta update rolled out on Thursday, so it could be quite some time before it reaches the public. You can sign up for the PS5 system software beta program on the PlayStation website.

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