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PS5 Treat Codes 2022: Full List, All Answers, and How to Redeem

Those still hunting for a next-gen PlayStation console will be happy to hear about PS5 Treat Codes. These are 14 codes that offer 14 opportunities for users to enter and win a PlayStation 5 system directly from Sony. The catch is that these codes can be tricky to find. Happily, we’ve compiled a list of all discovered codes below, as well as the questions and some of our best answers.

All PS5 Treat Codes and Answers for 2022

PS5 Treat Code 1

  • Code: L2, Triangle, R1, Circle, L1, X, <, >, R2, Square
  • Question: During December 2021, how many hours of games did players play on their PS4 console globally?
  • Answer: 15000000000

PS5 Treat Code 2

  • Code: L2, R2, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle, <, X, Square, >
  • Question: During December 2021, how many times did players log into their PS4 console globally?
  • Answer: 5000000000

PS5 Treat Code 3

  • Code: Triangle, R2, <, Circle, L2, >, X, L1, R1, Square
  • Question: During December 2021, how many hours did players play ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ globally? (PS5 and PS4)
  • Answer: 2000000

How to redeem PS5 Treat Codes

ps5 treat codes

To redeem PS5 Treat Codes, players must:

  1. Go to this website and sign in with the PlayStation account.
  2. Click “Enter Code” and read the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Enter a code from the list above.
  4. Answer the question with your best guess. (Or use our best guess as a guide.)
  5. Congratulations, you are now entered for a chance to win!

There will be more codes revealed as the weeks go on. This post will be updated with more codes as and when they are discovered.

Best of luck to all that are entering!

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