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Pokemon Go Creator Niantic Launches Bitcoin-Hunting AR Game – Bitcoin – United States Dollar ($BTC)

The company behind the Pokemon Go augmented reality (AR) game, Niantic, has partnered with Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) rewards application Fold to launch a Bitcoin-hunting AR game.

What Happened: The two firms will launch Fold AR on Nov 23. In the game, players will hunt Bitcoin and other prizes in the wild with their phones thanks to AR technology, according to a Tuesday Decrypt report. Fold CEO Will Reeves told Decrypt that the experience will be similar to Pokemon Go with the rewards replacing the creatures.

Reeves said players will be able to earn satoshis — the smallest possible denomination of Bitcoin — but also win spins that would allow them to earn more. The rewards will appear on screen as 3D coins and other items placed in real environments.

The Fold CEO also said that in the future “you will be able to find actual collectibles in the Fold AR experience that endow holders with special privileges, increased earning opportunities, and benefits as well, such as a permanent increase in rewards.”

Fold Visa debit cardholders will also gain access to additional rewards and bonuses.

Fold claims its user base already counts a quarter-million people as of 2021, with nearly half a billion already having transacted through the application’s spend and deposit features.

Photo: Fold via Cison


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