Wireless earbuds have come a long way in just a few short years. Gone are the days of neck cables and bulky batteries — today’s headphones are truly wireless, pocketable, and even include advanced features like ANC. Samsung makes a ton of earbuds, and it’s already preparing to launch another set as soon as next week. If you don’t want to wait, Best Buy has a steal of a deal on refurbished Galaxy Buds Pro sets, some of the best Android-friendly buds you can buy today.

When we reviewed these earlier this year, we called them the “AirPods Pro for Android,” thanks to their small design, excellent sound quality, and top-notch noise canceling. The competition for earbuds has been stiff in 2021, but these still reign as some of the best you can buy right now — and that’s before you factor in a lower cost. Even for a refurbished product, $85 is an incredible price for the Galaxy Buds Pro, making them cheaper than both Google’s Pixel Buds A-series and Amazon’s latest Echo Buds.

These come certified by Geek Squad to be in working order, cleaned up, and repackaged, so you know they’ll work perfectly out of the box. If you’re interested, don’t wait. This deal is only good through the end of the day, so click the link below to pick up your next set of premium buds.