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Pelosi & Co’s hypocrisy unmasked and on full display

The masks were off — literally and figuratively.

Video shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the queen of mask-pushing, addressing a weekend crowd of maskless Democratic donors, herself also unmasked.

Yes, the event was outside. But the bigwigs sat close together for the hours-long luncheon in COVID-riddled Napa Valley, and the CDC does urge masking in “crowded outdoor settings” in such high-transmission areas.

The truth is they shouldn’t need to mask, since Pelosi — and, we’d wager, most everyone there — is vaccinated.

But Pelosi doesn’t argue common sense when it comes to everyone else. Her public mask obsession is such that Elle magazine wrote up a “cute” piece about where she buys hers and how she matches them to her pantsuits as a political fashion statement. Just last month, she called Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “such a moron” for opposing her reimposition of mask mandates in the House.

Pelosi was on video addressing a maskless crowd at an apparent DCCC event.
Kathryn Walt Hall

Yet there she is, on footage uploaded to Facebook by Democratic donor Kathryn Walt Hall, mingling with the fat cats to drum up cash for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. This is far worse than her infamous salon visit at the height of San Francisco’s lockdown.

Meanwhile, as Glenn Greenwald noted, “All the servants [are] fully masked” even as the “almost-entirely old, white, rich crowd of DCCC donors [are] free to go maskless as they’re served.”

Last year, Pelosi called then-President Donald Trump “cowardly” for avoiding masks. “It’s not about protecting yourself,” she lectured. “It’s about protecting others.” Trump, she said, “should set an example.”

But out of the public eye (she thought), the speaker declines to walk the “example” walk — and same for Democratic donors. Message: They’re the party of rules for thee but not for we.


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