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Palestinian killed in armed clash with Israeli security forces

A Palestinian teenager was killed in an armed clash between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in Balata in the West Bank, east of Nablus, on Tuesday, according to Palestinian reports.

Imad Khaled Hashash, 17, joined a number of other Palestinians in a firefight against Israeli security forces who entered the town in order to conduct arrests. It is unclear if there were other injuries.

The IDF stated on Tuesday morning that Palestinian terrorists opened fire on soldiers from the roofs of buildings and that the soldiers responded by shooting towards the shooters.

As the soldiers prepared to leave the town, a disturbance broke out which including rioters throwing blocks and objects at IDF soldiers from the roofs of nearby buildings. One suspect was noticed attempting to throw a large object from a nearby roof on a soldier below him. One of the soldiers responded with fire and hit the suspect.

No soldiers were injured and the suspect the soldiers had entered the town to arrest was caught.

Hamas mourned Hashash’s death and welcomed what it called the “rise of the Palestinian resistance” in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

“The escalating resistance against the Zionist occupation in various regions of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem is the best and most effective option to confront the occupation and its crimes and stop its plans, and the blood of the heroic martyrs will light the way for all revolutionaries to move forward towards the path of jihad and resistance, sweeping the occupation and its settlers,” said a spokesman for Hamas.

Hamas called on the Palestinian Authority to end security coordination with Israel.


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