Omicron: On New Year eve US go lift travel ban on South Africa, oda African kontris


Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

United States of America go lift di travel ban dem impose on eight South African kontris sake of di new coronavirus variant, Omicron.

Di White House say di ban dem impose on 29 November, 2021 go dey lifted on 2022 New Year eve, wey be December 31.

Di ban affect South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini and Malawi.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz, tweet say di restrictions no dey necessary again even though di kontri dey see rising cases of di Omicron variant.

Di variant now make up most of all new US cases.

“Di restrictions give us time to understand Omicron and we know our existing vaccines work against Omicron, esp boosted,” Kevin Munoz tweet.

Na di EU and UK first impose di restrictions before America and oda kontris begin dey dish out travel ban on African kontris.

Di United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemn di move and e call am “travel apartheid”.

Di ban no stop Americans wey dey di regions make dem no return to di kontri, di ban only apply to non-US citizens.

White House chief coronavirus adviser, Dr Anthony Fauci, wey justify di move bin tok say “dem take di decision at a time when dem dey in di dark” about Omicron.

“We all feel very badly about di hardship dis fit don cause no be only

South Africa, but di oda African countries,” e tok.

In recent weeks, America don take very serious dia requirements.

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All international travellers must provide proof of a negative test result within one day of their flight, e no mata dia vaccination status.

President Joe Biden – wey call Omicron “a cause for concern, not a cause for panic” – no gree apply di same lockdown measures wey some European Union countries dey place.

Doctors for South Africa – where Omicron first dey reported – bin earlier tok say infections from di new variant dey cause only mild illness.

Studies for UK don since support dis findings.

Di strain spread fast pass any previous variant for di US but e neva land so many pipo for hospitals, wey go make di place dey crowded.

Na only one pesin death don dey linked to Omicron: one Texas man for im 50s wey no collect vaccine and get underlying health conditions.