NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti drops €20 below MSRP in Germany, just four hours after launch


NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti drops below MSRP in Germany on its launch day

This took much a lot less time than expected. 

NVIDIA has announced the RTX 4060 Ti 1080p gaming GPU at a price of $399/€439. The card went on sale today, and we’ve already heard some interesting things. The RTX 4060 Ti may not be the fastest card around, but it’s the quickest RTX 40 to drop below MSRP.

As reported by 3DCenter, just four hours after launch, the cheapest RTX 4060 Ti is currently available for €419. This is Palit’s Dual non-OC model, which is technically speaking a ‘MSRP’ card which was part of the yesterday’s review coverage. Despite running a lower price on the same day this card was released, retailer Mindfactory has barely sold more than 20 units so far (total RTX 4060 Ti sale) and just 5 units of this particular card.

Palit RTX 4060 Ti Dual at €419, Source: Mindfactory

The 8GB version of RTX 4060 Ti has a MSRP of €439 in Germany with the 16GB model launching in July at €549. The non-Ti model, also being released later, should cost €329. With prices for the first XX60 SKU dropping already, we find it hard to believe that those prices will remain as they were announced by the time these cards are ready to ship.

GeForce RTX 4060 series pricing in Germany & Austria, Source: NVIDIA

It’s worth noting that the RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t have the same price tag across all European countries. Due to higher VAT (20%), gamers from France or Belgium will have to pay at least €449, while gamers from Germany will have lower VAT (19%). But as it stands now, Mindfactory’s offer is likely the cheapest RTX 4060 Ti in Germany (and the Eurozone).

Source: Mindfactory via 3DCenter