New PS5 Stock To Hit Target US Stores This Week


Has the holiday season passed, and you still find yourself without a PS5? Fret not, as Sony is doing everything they can to sell as many of these things. Believe me, they really want your money.

If you happen to be living in the United States and are reading this, then great! If you’re not, but still want a PS5, then you ought to move on, as your inability to snag a PS5 will almost certainly intensify your longing.

Target stores across the US will be selling a new stock of PS5 consoles, both disc and digital. Though, there are more disc versions than not available as is usually the case.

The news comes from the ever reliable Jake Randall on Twitter, who reported that while Target would not restock today, it is coming by week’s end.

Unfortunately, delivery will not be an option for these consoles so make sure that you have the closest location to you selected, so you can go pick up your PS5.

Best of luck!

Source – [Twitter]