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Move over, Galaxy Z Fold 4 — this foldable phone is way more interesting

Samsung may be the dominant name in the foldable phone world, especially with the recent reveal of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. But it’s not the only player, with Oppo having also entered the fray with the Oppo Find N

I’ve been a fan of Oppo phones for a while now, with the Find X3 Pro being one of the phones I’ve used for the longest time before a switch from Android to iPhone, and the Find X5 Pro being a worthy Android flagship. So when I was give the chance to try the Find N, I snapped it up; especially as I’ve become a lot more interested in foldable phones since using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Finding problems

(Image credit: Future)

My haste was a mistake. I’d completely forgotten that the Find N, being a phone not really designed to make it out of China, comes with only the very basic Android features, with no Play Store access or the standard suite of Google apps. In fact, its main and only keyboard option was the Baidu IME keyboard, which is predominantly a Chinese language one full of characters I couldn’t even begin to figure out. (I don’t read or speak any version of Chinese.)


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