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More than $10,000 in Bitcoin, gift cards lost in phone scam

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls man is out thousands of dollars after falling victim to a phone scam.

Police say the 47-year-old man started getting calls on Thursday from someone claiming to be with the Drug Enforcement Agency. The caller claimed the victim’s name was part of a money laundering investigation and that he needed to transfer his money to keep it safe.

The victim eventually bought more than $9,000 in Bitcoin and $1,700 in gift cards and gave the information to the scammer.

“We just want people to know these scams are out there; they happen on a regular basis. Do what you can. Get some information, get a contact, name and number but then verify that through a different source,” Officer Sam Clemens said.

Police say in a case like this, the payment type is an automatic red flag.

No law enforcement agency will ask for Bitcoin or gift cards for payment.


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