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Minnesota State Fair sets health guidelines, urges attendees to ‘do your part’

The fair is asking those who attend to make an informed decision before deciding to go. Citing the Minnesota Department of Health, individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated for COVID-19, immunocompromised individuals and their caregivers to reduce the risk by using layered protections such as avoiding large gatherings and wearing a mask indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

Event organizers are also urging the public to get vaccinated. According to data from MDH, it’s widely recognized that the vast majority of all current COVID-19 cases are among unvaccinated people. The fair is not requiring attendees to show proof of vaccination but strongly suggests getting a vaccine. There will be an opportunity to get a vaccine dose while at the state fairgrounds, located in the North Event Center during the 12-day event.

Additionally, the fair also urges both unvaccinated and vaccinated people to wear masks indoors and outdoors while in crowded settings. Some independent vendor booths will require everyone in the booth to wear masks as well. Riding any public transportation to the fair will also require masks, as federal regulations require it.

“Mandating masks fairgrounds-wide would be extremely difficult for our organization to enforce, so we are urging you to pitch in and do what’s right. Particularly if you go inside, simply put a face covering on for the time you’re shopping or visiting an exhibit,” the fair stated, in part.

Masks will also be available at the information booth and many building entrances if one is needed.

“We acknowledge that no event can be completely risk-free, and we’re counting on you to do your part to help us present as safe an event as we can by following this health guidance,” the fair said.

For more information on tips and other things to know about this year’s state fair, click here.


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