Massive Samsung Galaxy S22 leaks reveal real-life photo, FCC listing, wallpapers and more


What seems to be the first Samsung Galaxy S22 image of the base model in real life has been posted online.

Shown to the world by IceUniverse’s Weibo page (via GSMArena), the all-black phone looks to be either the standard Galaxy S22 or the larger Galaxy S22 Plus. We can’t tell if this is an actual phone or just a dummy since we only see the back. However, the design looks to fit with the rumors we’ve heard previously, just like the leaked Galaxy S22 Ultra photo we saw a little while ago.

(Image credit: IceUniverse)

The main feature to look at here is the new camera bump design. After introducing the overflowing “Contour Cut” camera block design on the Galaxy S21, Samsung now seems to have adapted to make it less prominent. That would hopefully avoid the phone rocking too much when it’s placed on a flat surface, and should make it less likely to get caught on pocket or bag openings when putting the phone away.