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Friday, February 3, 2023

M2 benchmarks make Apple’s new chip sound rad [The CultCast]

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Time to walk back that M2 skepticism just a smidge.
Image: Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Erfon’s warming up to Apple’s new M2 chip. New benchmarks make it sound even more capable than we thought.

Also on The CultCast:

  • Brace yourself for better narcissism: iPhone 14’s selfie cam is getting a major upgrade.
  • It sounds like Apple is planning a wild array of new MacBooks and iPads, in some very interesting sizes.
  • Apple TV shoots and scores! Major League Soccer is coming to the Apple TV app.

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This week’s top Apple news

On the show this week: Your host Erfon Elijah (@erfon) and Cult of Mac managing editor Lewis Wallace (@lewiswallace).

Here are the headlines we’re talking about on this week’s show:

Plus, here’s that M2 benchmarks tweet from Vadim Yuryev at Max Tech:

CPU Benchmarks have leaked for Apple’s M2 chip!

3.49GHz CPU clock vs M1’s 3.2GHz
Single-core performance gain vs M1: 11.56%
Multi-core performance gain vs M1: 19.45%

A little bit better than my estimates. I’m impressed!
Thanks to @amoss_137 for sharing. https://t.co/NS9xODnOdX



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