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Lost Ark breaks a million players, becomes today’s top Steam game by concurrents

After the usual online game launch issues, in this case Lost Ark going down for maintenance before its f2p launch and then delaying server deployment for almost six hours, Smilegate’s hit Korean MMO finally had its full western release. 

In the days prior, so many players had been preloading that Steam strained under the weight. Once the floodgates opened, Lost Ark hit a peak of 984,111 concurrent players, a total it’s gone on to beat the day after launch, when it peaked at 1,325,305 players. That made it number one on Steam’s top 100 for the day, beating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (959,550 players) and Dota 2 (722,671 players). It also beat both games’ records for highest player peak: 1,308,963 for CS:GO and 1,295,114 for Dota 2.


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