LG’s new UltraFine monitors pack 4K OLED displays for creators


Ahead of CES, LG has announced a new pair of PC monitors, dubbed the UltraFine OLED Pro line. The new monitors come in 32-inch and 27-inch sizes, but they’re otherwise identical.

Among their features, the new UltraFine OLED Pro monitors count 4K resolution in the 16:9 aspect ratio, and a wide color gamut, covering 99% of both DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB. The monitors also include self-calibration sensors and can be calibrated using the LG Calibration Studio software. FOr creative professionals, they also include a monitor hood to prevent lighting reflections and glare that can impact color perception. Indeed, these monitors are clearly geared for creative professionals.

LG OLED Pro Monitor front view with hood


“Designed with creative professionals in mind, our new UltraFine OLED Pro monitors deliver sheer visual precision with stunning self-lit picture quality and reliable calibration,” said Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the IT business at LG. “The incredible accuracy, wide color gamut and ability to faithfully reproduce both HDR and SDR content make these premium display solutions ideal for professional users working in the film and digital media industries.”

Of course, you also get the inherent benefits of OLED displays, like the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratios and individual lighting for each pixel, allowing for true blacks and vivid colors. The display also supports HDR, boasting DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification. Another benefit of OLED panels is the fast 1ms response time.

Aside from the screen itself, the monitors include a USB Type-C port with 90W of power delivery, on USB upstream port, three USB downstream ports, one HDMI port, and two DisplayPort ports. The monitors also support a 90-degree pivot if you want to use them vertically.

As to when the LG UltraFine OLED Pro monitors will be available, your guess is as good as ours. LG had nothing to share regarding pricing or availability, so we’ll have to wait for further information.