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Home Technology LG could be working on three new external displays for Apple

LG could be working on three new external displays for Apple


Source: Rene Ritchie / iMore

There could be not one, but three new external displays coming from Apple in the future.

According to leaker Dylan on Twitter, LG is working on three displays that are likely to be for Apple. The leaker says that the company is making a 24-inch and 27-inch display as well as a 32-inch that is likely the second generation of the Pro Display XDR.

Thread 1/4: There are three LG made Displays encased in unbranded enclosures for usage as external monitors that are in early development. Two of which have the same specifications as the upcoming 27 inch and current 24 inch iMac displays.

Thread 2/4: The other display seems to be an improved 32 inch Pro Display XDR. Despite the lack of branding, It can be assumed at the very least that this display will be Apple branded.

The leaker goes further to say that there appears to be some kind of custom silicon that will power the 32-inch display and that both the 27-inch and 32-inch will feature mini-LED and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Thread 3/4: Interestingly enough, there seems to be a reference to custom silicon powering the 32 inch display. Sadly no such references were found for the 27 inch or 24 inch displays with regards to custom silicon.

Thread 4/4: This of course does not rule out the possibility of custom silicon for these displays. It simply means that there is no sufficient data proving otherwise. Finally, the 32 inch and 27 inch monitors seem to have miniLED displays and a 120hz variable refresh rate.

The only Apple-branded display is currently the Pro Display XDR. Many customers have wanted another Apple display to return (like the Thunderbolt display) that happens to be under $5000.