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Monday, March 27, 2023

Letters to the Editor – COVID 19 in Texas, partisanship, Texas Rangers, DFW Airport

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Wake up, voters

Gov. Greg Abbott has prohibited hospitals that receive state funds, public schools and local government buildings from requiring vaccines or masks. Yet, as hospitals fill up, the state is refusing to supply hospitals with extra funds to address the crisis. The state says to get the money from federal COVID-19 relief funds allocated to cities and counties, but that money has already been mostly accounted for.

Republicans are OK with wasting money on building a wall while more Texans die of COVID-19 and hospitals are overrun. Where is the outrage from my state senator and representative? When will voters wake up and start electing leaders who actually care about Texans?

Cindy Hollocker, Richardson

Trying to curb Abbott

The Democrats’ temporary exit from Austin was not an effort to “throw sand into the gears of the legislative process,” as your editorial put it, but the erection of a brick wall to stop yet another ridiculous move by Gov. Greg Abbott and his enablers.

I shared this view with a few friends over a beer at my local pub, and as usual, being good Democrats, we took a vote. My side won, five to two.

David Carter, Johnson County

All obstruction, by the way

Gov. Greg Abbott is right when he said that one thing that Democrats from Texas are trying to achieve in Washington, D.C., is to get the Senate to drop its filibuster rule. Where Abbott is wrong is when he said that the Texas Democrats were filibustering, and that was the height of hypocrisy.

Democrats need to call out his logic and point out the real hypocrisy. The exodus from Texas is equivalent to the filibuster. Both are obstructionist. Democrats should challenge Abbott to call for the elimination of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, and when that happens, Texas Democrats will end their version of the filibuster. Tit for tat. Not, “I can have mine, but you can’t have yours.”

That isn’t going to happen. Let Texans decide who the hypocrite is at the polls, which is what the Democrats are trying to defend.

And shame on The Dallas Morning News for blasting the Texas Democrats for taking a stand that is equivalent to the U.S. Senate filibuster while supporting the U.S. Senate filibuster. Hypocrisy.

Frank Chavez, Plano

This has happened before

So our Texas GOP lawmakers are angry about the Democrats walking out of the legislative session in order to stop the unconstitutional bills restricting voting rights for all citizens. While they are indulging in their righteous indignation, maybe the GOP needs to be reminded that they did it first — in Oregon, several times in fact. Yes, that is a different state, but even so, the GOP is the GOP no matter what state they are in. Maybe both sides need to remember that what goes around, comes around.

Sandra Bakkethun, Krum

Peas in a pod

It seems politics works like this: When my party abuses the rules to prevent the normal functioning of the Legislature, it’s to prevent the tyranny of the majority and protect the little guy. When your party abuses the rules to stall out the Legislature, it’s a petulant attempt to stifle the will of the people.

When my party focuses on fringe social issues, those issues are actually super important and prevent abuses by the government. When your party focuses on fringe social issues, they are shallow virtue signalers trying to derail actual conversation.

I could go on, but you get the point. You may have more sympathy for one party or the other, but both are full of self-righteous hypocrites. You won’t fix that by simply voting in new self-righteous hypocrites.

Thomas Urech, Plano

Shape up, Rangers

It’s time for the Texas Rangers to stop being the farm club for the American League! They are constantly trading away their best players for “players of the future,” a future that never seems to come. Time to keep the players the Rangers develop and, with proper coaching, turn the team into a champion!

Michael Phillips, Dallas

No fees for drop-offs, please

While DFW International Airport can say that other cities still charge more even after it increases its rates to $27 a day for parking, area residents still have the burden (and embarrassment) of having to pay $2 just to drop someone off at the airport.

No parking, no garages, no services involved — just a fee to approach the airport. I can’t think of any other airport in America where you can’t simply drop someone off. I think it is gouging the locals that is truly funding DFW Airport.

Timothy L. Baldwin, Grand Prairie

Making it political

I am old (over 75). Recently, I was in Tom Thumb and saw a young fellow about 30 or so not wearing a mask. I wanted to yell at him, “What is the matter with you?” But I didn’t.

I came home to read the online story about Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins kicking out a commissioner for not wearing a mask. I wished I had his power.

But then, our governor would step in to defy all common sense and logic. This simply is not a political issue, it’s a health issue. Making it a political issue is the worst kind of leadership.

Terry L. Broxson, Allen

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