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Letter: Will North Dakota’s leaders stand up for Ukranians? – InForum

We all woke up Thursday morning to the news of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, an act the European Union, President Biden, and other world leaders have condemned as unjustified and unprovoked. Some of us, like myself, could not sleep knowing that my parents, brother, nephew and other close family in Kyïv woke up to a declaration of war and the sounds of bombings in Ukraine’s capital.

As a Ukrainian, I am terrified and despondent. Yet social media posts seem more concerned about the few cents more we might pay for gas. Blood has already spilled in Ukraine, and many more will die on the whim of a failed KGB agent turned geopolitical billionaire bully.

As an American living in North Dakota, I recognize North Dakota Sen. Cramer’s statement shared on his

Facebook page

in support of Ukraine and in favor of strong sanctions against Putin. But I resent him using this human tragedy for geopolitical optics, “to send a message to China on Taiwan.” Rep. Kelly Armstrong has


for prayers and support, whereas the social media


of ND Sen. Hoeven, whose deep-pocketed connections to Russia are well-known, speaks volumes, even as he

co-sponsored a sanctions bill against Russia

that has yet to make a difference.

This is a chance for North Dakota leaders to step up and uphold democratic ideals against neofascist terror. I call on Cramer, Hoeven and Armstrong to put their money where their mouth is. Stand with Ukraine and Ukrainians in North Dakota.

Anastassiya Andrianova lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum’s editorial board nor Forum ownership.


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