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Killer Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra deal — buy one, get one free at Verizon now

Looking for a deal on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? The release of Samsung’s newest phone is just hours away, but there’s already an amazing deal on the device at Verizon.

For a limited time, buy a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with Unlimited plan and get a second Galaxy S22 Ultra for free at Verizon.  You’ll even get a storage upgrade for free. If you’re ready to jump on Samsung’s new flagship, this is the perfect opportunity and one of the best Verizon phone deals we’ve seen.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra drops on February 25, 2022 — so there’s only a few days left to take advantage of early Samsung Galaxy S22 deals before the phone launches.

There’s a lot to like about this new handset. The biggest addition to the S22’s arsenal is the built-in S-Pen, borrowed from the Samsung Galaxy Note line. You’ll be able to take notes directly on your screen with 70% less latency, and it feels just as good as using pen and paper. Plus, if you’re already a big S-Pen fan, you’ll appreciate the improved handwriting-to-text conversions and the ability to quickly save your notes in Microsoft Office docs and emails.

But the S-Pen isn’t all the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has to offer, of course. With improved lenses, this has quickly become the best camera phone Samsung offers. It captures images impressively well in low-light conditions, bringing out details that would otherwise be lost. You can even take amazing pictures when you’re far away from your subject thanks to the S22’s 10x optical zoom.

The battery life isn’t the best at just over 10 hours, and the S22 Ultra has less RAM than the previous Galaxy S21 Ultra. Even so, it’s an amazing device — and it gets a high recommendation from us.

Still not set on the S22 Ultra? Our list of the best phones will help you find your perfect phone.


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