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Kamala Harris’ woes continue as Dems flirt with booting VP from 2024 ticket – ‘Doomsday!’ | World | News

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Kamala Harris, 57, could face some more electoral woes after officials inside the DNC appeared to snub the Vice President by tipping her to fill a space in the Supreme Court, a report suggests. Politico highlighted how electoral desperation had seen Democrats flirt with putting the 49th Vice President in the Supreme Court.

If the party successfully nominated Ms Harris to the court then she would be unable to run for the White House in either 2024 or 2028.

Speaking about the opinion of activists, Nebraska’s Democratic Party chair Jane Kleeb said: “It’s like doomsday every day… Everything is bad — let’s throw everything at the wall to maybe get the base excited.”

However, the political strategist Steven Maviglio suggested a Harris ticket was a double-edged sword.

He said: “She checks a lot of the boxes: A woman of colour, a liberal, being smart on a lot of issues, having experience.”

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However, Maviglio added: “The other part is that she’s not horribly popular as vice president, like it or not.”

Some Democratic insiders warned moving Harris to the Supreme Court could reap rewards for the party.

One strategist even said they would support Harris’ judicial appointment “if it guarantees she never runs for [President] again.”

But not everyone inside the Democratic Party would support the move.

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Symone Sanders, an ally of the Vice President, said on Twitter: “The ‘Vice President Harris could be nominated to the Supreme Court’ chatter originated in right-wing circles as a part of the narrative that the President wants to remove her from the ticket.”

US President Joe Biden, 79, vowed to fill the Supreme Court with an African-American woman.

However, some American conservatives have criticised the move prompting Mr Biden to consult Democrat Dick Durbin, 77, and the GOP’s Chuck Grassley, 88, about the nomination.

Since entering office, Ms Harris has struggled to cut the mustard with American voters.

In a recent opinion poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, ex-President Donald Trump, 75, opened up an 11 percent lead over Ms Harris.

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This also reflects the unpopularity of the Vice President.

Polling company Leger indicated Harris has a net approval rating of -14 percent.


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