Jan. 6 attack was not the worst. Democracy is in greater danger now


Paul F. Eckstein

About one year ago, a close friend begged for reassurance that, with Donald Trump having lost the 2020 presidential election, Joseph Biden would peacefully be sworn into office; the Republican Party would accept Biden as president; and all would be right with the world.

Being a person of limited imagination, I told my friend not to worry.

How wrong I was.

We are in greater danger now, not less

As we take account of the one-year anniversary of the bloody Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol, our Constitution and our democratic form of government, we cannot forget that just a few patriots stood between a president desperate to retain power at any cost and the constitutionally required transition of power.

To paraphrase a Yeats poem, the worst were full of passionate intensity, but the center held.